Some thoughts about food during a lunch break

Last week during a lunch break, I discussed with my colleagues about the misbehaviors of the food industry. We talked about topics like educated monkeys who are forced to work on a coconut plantation and have to pick coconuts from palm trees. Another topic was about what the food industry would do if palm or coconut oil will be prohibited as an ingredient. Also, we discussed about how the food industry, restaurants and takeaways or snack bars replaced real cheese with imitation cheese to save money. It may not be a big deal because the taste is nearly the same. In particular in fast food, it doesn’t matter I think. But there was a ruckus because it wasn’t declared properly. But the funny side is: since vegan food is trendy nowadays, the supermarkets had a new brilliant idea to gain even more money: they renamed the fake cheese to vegan cheese and sell it now for a price more than twice as high than the conventional cheese made of milk! Because vegan is hip. The popularity of vegan food or so called superfoods made formerly unknown and exotic seeds like quinoa and chia incredibly popular. At least in Europe, hardly anyone knew it in the past.

One the one Hand, there is the argument that these seeds contain healthy ingredients like omega-3 fatty acid. But on the other hand there are local seeds like spelt which contain omega-3 as well and don’t have to be flown in over the whole wide world.

After our discussion, I had some thoughts about it. I think it is morally acceptable to transport seed around the world, but it is not acceptable to kill animals. I like to support the local industry. I like to buy apples from my home country. But when I can choose between meat from a local butcher or quinoa seed imported from South America, I would prefer the imported seeds. I am not a vegetarian, but I can well do without meat. What do you think about it? Feel free to leave a comment 🙂


South Korea is really worth a visit

Two weeks ago, I spent some days in South Korea for a business trip. Luckily, I had the time to visit the city of Busan for two evenings. Since it was the holiday season, many Koreans crowded the city for dinner or to party hard.
Here are some impressions of my trip. I’d love to return to South Korea as soon as possible 🙂




Cute Zoo Babies

Today, I’d like to share photos of these cute zoo babies with you:

The web is changing…

Well, the internet is full of nonsense. But to be honest, what would the web be without it? Merely a place for scientific essays, serious journalism and all kinds of helpful information. How would that be? Did I hear ‘boring’? Yes, I totally agree! The popularity of the world wide web would be comparable to the good old teletext. But isn’t it funny? We use the web every day and love it exactly how it is: A place to share your lunch and the misadventures of your cat with the world. A place, where you can read the most recent gossip of your favorite celebrities in nearly real-time.
However, much of the time spent online we aren’t aware of the full potential of the internet.
There are tutorials and guides about nearly everything. And a great amount of it is free. You can start learning anything you want, right now. Just google it and you will quickly find useful pages or videos.
But since one of the main usages of the web is for entertainment, the initial intention of the web starts to fade.
The web gets more and more commercialized. The big companies use the web to manipulate you in your consumer behavior. In a subtle manner, they get you to buy their stuff, use their services and watch their movies or TV series. The purpose of the web gets twisted. By now it’s not you who decides what to consume and inform in a targeted manner about it – it’s the web who says what you should like or not.
Please stay a sharp user and don’t get brainwashed by the big players 😉